Delfops is an enterprise monitoring solution for IT systems.

I. Overview

Delfops is based on the monitoring solution Prometheus.

Delfops architecture

II. Get started


  • A Prometheus server
  • A Node exporter


For contributors, please refer to the Contributing section of this website.

  1. Download the RPM package

  2. Install the RPM package :
    sudo rpm -i delfops-1.0-1.fc26.x86_64.rpm

  3. Launch the Delfops service :
    sudo service start delfops

  4. Launch your Prometheus server :

  5. Launch your Node exporter :
    ./node --collector.tcpstat --collector.interrupts

  6. Go to localhost:8000 in your web browser

  7. Delfops is ready to use !

III. Documentation

The source code documentation is available here :

IV. Contributing

Github repository : Delfops

Development environment




  1. Clone the development repository :
    git clone`

  2. Install the Symfony bundles and setup the parameters.yml file :
    cd /path_to_delfops/delfops/delfops
    composer install

  3. Install the node modules for Webpack Encore :
    cd web
    yarn install

  4. Configure the database :
    php bin/console doctrine:database:create
    php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

  5. Run Delfops using Symfony built-in web server :
    cd ..
    php bin/console server:start

Packaging Delfops

  1. Clone the production repository :
    git clone`

  2. Launch the packaging script :
    cd /path_to_delfops/delfops-prod

  3. It's packaged !